The Legacy of Black Hills

Black Hills’ legacy is still famous for the love of Black Hills gold everywhere. The seeds of this legacy began all the way back in the 1870s. The expedition to Black Hills was carried out by Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer. There had long been rumors that there was lots of gold to be mined and found in Black Hills, with some records going back to the early 18th century. There existed poorly kept records and documents which talked of the gold present here.

While most people believe the gold to have been discovered in the 1870s, there exists a piece of evidence which shows that gold was found here even earlier. This is known as the Theon Stone.  The Theon Stone is a sandstone slab with a story carved into it. The writings are dated to be of 1834. Initially, there was some doubt about the authenticity of the writing but over the years, a lot of corroborating evidence has been found.

Those were the days of gold rushes – when the mere rumor of gold would send people into frenzy. The fact that the first few people who got to Black Hills actually managed to find gold – even if it was lesser than they thought – meant that everyone wanted a piece of Black Hills. This gold rush is considered to be one of the most fascinating in the history of our country, and it has been referenced in popular media again and again.

The most famous of these media mentions is the excellent HBO television series Deadwood, which was set in the Black Hills Gold Rush time. It is a great way to understand the way our country was back then – the lawless, up-for-grabs nature of things makes for dizzying entertainment.

The Gold Legacy

The stories and the legends aren’t the only legacy that Black Hills left behind. Its legacy is well maintained thanks to the Black Hills gold that is famous all around the world. Black Hills gold was first invented by Henri LeBeau, who was a goldsmith from France.

According to legends, he was starving and hallucinating because of how thirsty he was when he was struck with the idea of creating Black Hills gold. Once he found sustenance and started feeling better, he immediately started working on Black Hills gold and ended up making one of the most exciting gold jewelry designs in the world.

The thirst and starvation may explain why the designs include grapes, vines, leaves, and other things that show the presence of water and life. The beautiful colors of the jeweler, achieved through careful mixing of gold with other materials, are instantly iconic.  If you want to wear gold jewelry which harkens back to the time when gold was the biggest dream that people had, then you cannot go wrong with Black Hills gold.

Back then, people who dreamt of better lives sold everything they owned just so they could make it to Black Hills and create a better future for their children. Their legacy is carried on in this beautiful jewelry. 

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