The Process of Making Black Hills Gold Jewelry

When you look at the beauty of Black Hills Gold, you can’t help but wonder how this beauty is achieved. What is it about Black Hills gold that makes it look so much better than other types of jewelry? How are the colors you see in Black Hills gold achieved? If you’ve ever wondered about these questions, then we have the answers for you.

It’s all in the process

Black Hills gold was first envisioned and created by Henri LeBeau, a French goldsmith during the gold rush. He came up with the initial process to make this beautiful gold. As years have gone by, other people have perfected the process to what it is now. Here’s how Black Hills gold gets its unique look:

The Ingredients

In order to make black gold, first the goldsmiths get bars of pure 24 karat gold. This is as pure as gold gets. Then they get pure copper and pure silver stocks. These are the principal materials to create the alloys that give this gold its distinctive look. Note that while it is necessary for Black Hills jewelry to be made in Black Hills, the ingredients can be sourced from anywhere. So as long as the goldsmith does the work within Black Hills they can get the gold, silver, and copper from anywhere they please.

The Colors

The beauty of Black Hills gold is in the colors. Many other types of jewelry have leaves, grapes, vines, and other such symbols in them, but none of them are able to give them the distinct colors that you find in Black Hills. The secret to this is alloys. The pure 24 karat gold is mixed with copper to get the beautiful pink/red gold color, and is combined with silver to achieve the beautiful green color. 

The Designs

Once the gold and its alloys are ready, they are pressed to create different thicknesses for different designs. Each and every part is stamped out with precision to allow intricate designs. This is the step where all the leaves, the vines, the fruits, and other details Black Hills gold is known for are created. Once all the parts are ready, they are either manually attached to the jewelry or baked together.

Once the pieces are ready, the goldsmiths carefully add details to them, such as textures on the leave. This is done through a technique called wriggling. Once the details have been added the jewelry is polished multiple times to ensure that it truly shines. After multiple layers of polish, the Black Hills gold that everyone loves so much is ready.

The fact that only jewelry made in Black Hills can be called Black Hills gold has ensured that every piece of gold hills jewelry is authentic. The goldsmiths in Black Hills have been perfecting the art of this jewelry for more than a century, and no one else can replicate the perfection found in their jewelry. 

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